An exhausting morning

Waking up bright and early (at 5AM to the cawing of birds outside) we started shifting the boxes of our belongings that we packed in the weeknights before into our friend’s van. He’s been so kind to also help us put things together when it comes to the furniture we are getting for the flat.

Three people was actually the perfect set up once we got to the property, as one person stayed downstairs, moving everything into the lift, one person accompanied the items in the lift and moved them out onto the floor, and one person moved the items into the flat. Packing the boxes right is very important though, as one box of books fell apart completely as it arrived on the right floor and I had to shift items separately.

Sadly there was no time to put anything away, mostly because not all items were actually in the flat – we’re doing a final haul next weekend. We also had to take a trip to the nearby home improvement store for wall-plugs so we can mount our televisions on brackets on the wall.

The one thing I was adamant about setting up, so at least one part of the flat was ready for moving into, was our balcony furniture. Hopefully the weather will keep up long enough for us to enjoy a breakfast looking out onto the construction landscape around us!


A warm welcome

We finally exchanged (meaning all the money has been transferred not just from you to the conveyancer, but also from them to the property developers – only then do you receive your set of keys)! Contractually, financially, in reality we now own our own place.

While we haven’t moved in yet, we used this day to have a look if anything had changed since the first site visit. We were surprised to find a welcome gift from the property developers waiting for us!

While the flat is empty, it’s quite easy to find a home for everything – not pictured are a scented candle and a fluffy towel. We do reserve the right to change our minds on that count however! What we did spot was a crack in the washbasin board, and reported that the developer right away.