A window-shopping trip

After a first visit to our future home we had to start thinking about how we would furnish our home. Thankfully the Philosopher’s parents are incredibly kind and have offered a multitude of possessions to us to take on to our flat, but given the size and dimensions of the rooms, a three-seater sofa just won’t fit inside.

While we didn’t actually measure our flat (stupid mistake never to be made again, I hope), I traced the outline of the flat from the building brochure, and tried to make the square foot numbers coordinate in scale to the drawing. That gave us approximate numbers which to either meet, or aim for less.


The other problem is of course trying to get a concept from your head onto paper, if not into an actual room, and the more people are thinking about the same problem, the more confusing it gets. For the love of everything that is important to you, don’t be like us and forget the measuring tape or neglect to use it. It will make every decision that follows so much easier.